Treks and Climbing

Many people consider climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro a challenge not to be missed. Standing 5896 meters tall, it is the highest peak in Africa, and a spectacular site with its snow-capped peak a dramatic contrast to the dry savannah. It is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world, but can be climbed with relative ease when reasonably fit. If you climb all the way to the summit you'll pass through five distinctive zones: cultivated farms, lush forest, semi alpine woods with wild flowers, the alpine zone and the barren summit top. There are a number of different routes, accomodating different skill levels and time frames, but all require proper attention to acclimation. Climbing Mt. Meru is a lesser known endeavor but just as spectacular. You'll hike through similar terrain and will be more likely to spot wildlife. Either choice is a rare opportunity! Another alternative that has become available in recent years is taking a walk through the Ngorogoro highlands. Much of this area is seldomed visited, but it offers spectacular terrain and plenty of wildlife.


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