We come highly recommended!

Below are a few letters that we've received from travellers who were eager to write us a recommendation after their Deluxe African Safari experience.

We could not have done our trip without the help of Mr. Loy! From the very beginning, he was extremely helpful. We talked via email before our trip, and arranged our climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. When we reached Nairobi, we had an escort waiting to take us to our hotel, and tickets on the Davanu Shuttle arranged in advance. This took lots of pressure off of us - travel weary in a foreign country. Mr. Loy personally met us at the Davanu drop-off in Arusha, and helped us with hotel accomodations, transportation and lots of general information. Our climb of Kilimanjaro was safe and enjoyable--the crew Mr. Loy arranged for us was relyable. And when we returned, Mr. Loy was again waiting for us. He was tireless in his efforts, friendly and enjoyable to be around, and relyable on every aspect of planning our trip. I highly recommend (the suprisingly affordable) Deluxe Safaris. If anyone has any questions, please feel absolutuly free to email me at nciaccio@uwm.edu.

- Nichali Ciaccio and Nancy Zachow, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This was our third trip to Africa, and our safari with Mr. Loy has not been beaten! This July, we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity of joining a research expedition to study the wildlife in the Ngorogoro crater. After many fascinating days of hard work in the field, we returned to Arusha and decided to arrange a safari 'just for pleasure'. We shopped around with many different companies, and found Mr. Loy offered very reasonable prices, as well as being a pleasure to do business with. Since we had just been with wildlife experts, we were afraid that our guide might be somewhat of a disappointment. But Mr. Loy arranged for us a guide who was extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic; in fact, he was ready to start the morning drives even before we were. (Having been on many other safaris where the opposite was true, we were especially impressed.) Needless to say, the wildlife experience was incredible. One of the highlights was parking the car at dusk in the open savannah and having a herd of elephants slowly approach us and then surround us while grazing. Another was finding two female lions resting in the shade of a baobob tree, and joining them in silence in their rest from the noon-time sun. One night, when we were staying at the Tarangire Safari Lodge, we even heard a leopard's distinctive 'cough' outside our tent. Our stay at the Tarangire safari lodge was also incredible. There was a perfect view of the Tarangire river from both our permanent tent as well as the open bar area, where we watched elephants, wildebeest, zebra and other animals drinking at all hours of the day. (Somehow the photographs that we had found on the web of that lodge did not at all do it justice.)

In short, we highly recommend a safari with Mr. Loy and Deluxe African Safaris!

- Susanna and Matt
Cambridge, Massachusetts


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